Main Python event in Web Development

2days of intense practice
3tracks of talks and workshops
30international speakers

An annual conference about Python and Web stack.

Django, Plone, Tornado, TurboGears, Pyramid and other web-related tools. Talks and workshops by core developers and experts. All in one conference.

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CFP is closed, talks for 2018 will be announced in a few weeks

Speakers from 2017:

J. Randall Hunt

Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services

Los Angeles, USA

Daniele Procida

Django core developer, works at Divio

Cardiff, Wales

Rachel Willmer

Programmer, manager, entrepreneur, CEO at Luzme

Edinburgh, Scotland

Mahmoud Hashemi

Lead Developer of Python Platform at PayPal

San Jose, USA

Jordi Soucheiron

Software Engineer at Skyscanner

Barcelona, Spain

Alessandro Molina

Core developer of TurboGears web framework

Torino, Italy

Dmitry Trofimov

Team Lead of PyCharm at JetBrains

Munich, Germany

Martijn Faassen

Web developer since 1998, founder of a number of open source projects

Tilburg, Netherlands

Markus Holtermann

Django core developer, works at LaterPay

Berlin, Germany

Jacob Rief

Core developer of Django-SHOP, author of Django-Angular

Innsbruck, Austria

Patrick Arminio

Full Stack Developer working at Stink Studios

London, England

Mike Müller

CEO at Python Academy, chairman of PySV

Leipzig, Germany

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The story of PyMunich events goes back to 2015

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